The 2017 Extraordinary Give has begun! 

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#WhyPowerPacks – Because:
◘ 20% of children in Lancaster County are food insecure
◘ The School District of Lancaster has the highest poverty rate in the county
◘ Power Packs Project is serving 2,400 families every week!
◘ Power Packs is distributing to 14 school districts
◘ A $25 donation to Power Packs Project will feed a family of 4 for every weekend in a month

Help us #KickHungerToTheCurb !

This year, we have special donors who would like to match the gifts of those of you who donate to Power Packs Project during the#ExtraordinaryGIVE on Friday, November 17.

 HERSHEY’S Foods would like to DOUBLE each donor gift over $100 to Power Packs, up to $5,000. That means your donation of $100 will be $200, $200 will be $400, or $500 will be $1,000…and so on.
◘ An Anonymous Donor will DOUBLE the first five $200 donations. That means your donation of $200 will double to $400! 

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Give Extra, Get Extra!

Donate at least $25 to Power Packs during the Extraordinary Give TODAY  and receive a coupon in the mail redeemable for the ExtraGive reward of your choice. See details HERE !


Click HERE to Donate for the Extra Give!

What is Power Packs Project?

Long Term Solutions

Power Packs provides weekend food and nutritional information to families who are food insecure when the school's lunch program is not available to them.  Families are taught how to stretch their limited food dollars using the food provided by PPP.   The goal of the program is to empower families to regularly provide healthy meals and that children return to school, well-fed and ready to learn.  Power Packs provides long-term solutions to end childhood hunger.
Watch a short video about our work.