We Challenge YOU to Take the SNAP Challenge

Did you know that more than 59,000 food-insecure people live right here in Lancaster County? Most these families are reliant on SNAP benefits to feed themselves. In 2014, an average 55,548 Lancaster County households received SNAP benefits.

As the largest school pantry program in the country Power Packs makes an impact on our community by providing weekend meals and nutritional information to nearly 1,700 food insecure families each week of the school year. Wondering how you can get involved to help end childhood hunger? Take the SNAP Challenge!

The Power Up Kids SNAP Challenge was developed to educate our community on the struggles that low-income and food-insecure families face each day. The SNAP Challenge provides an unique experience designed to shape individual’s understanding of the difficulties of maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet while living on a limited budget.

4 Steps to Take the SNAP Challenge:

  1. Shop your local grocery store. Purchase $4 in food/beverages per person, per day to last the week (for a family of 4).
  2. Journal to keep track of what you eat and drink.
  3. Share on social media using #PowerUpSNAP.
  4. Invite your friends and family to try the SNAP Challenge!

Tag us on social media and share using #PowerUpSNAP. Visit us online for more information on how to get involved!


Published:November 27, 2016

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