Find a volunteer opportunity and help out today!

Now more than ever, volunteers have been the backbone of success to the Power Packs Project and we need your help. You’ll know you’re having a positive effect on someone’s life after delivering a nutritious food package to the family of a child in need of a better learning experience.  

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Below is a list of our available volunteer opportunities. Please review the responsibilities and find a position that best fits your skills. Click the blue text above to apply or please contact our Distribution Coordinator, Joyce Stephens, at or 717-615-3793.  

PLEASE NOTE: Most volunteer opportunities in the warehouse are on Wednesday and Thursday,  9am – 2pm. We have very limited weekend and evening volunteer opportunities. Also, volunteers must be in high school if not accompanied by a parent. Children in grades 5-8 may volunteer, but only with a parent. Children younger than 5th grade may not volunteer in the warehouse.  These guidelines ensure that all of our volunteers will have a safe and positive experience!

  • Warehouse Packers – Wednesday 1-3 p.m. Pull and pack non-perishable groceries for transport to distribution sites.
  • Inventory Counters– Three to four times per year at the Power Packs Warehouse, 708 E Walnut St, Lancaster. A great project for a group.
  • Produce Coordinator – This volunteer assists with the allocation of produce among Power Packs distribution centers. Must be a well-organized individual, committed to volunteering on a regular basis.
  • Produce Packers – Wednesday mornings at 10 AM.
  • Drivers – Thursday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Drivers pick up food at the Power Packs Warehouse, 708 E Walnut St., Lancaster, and transport to a school/distribution site.
  • Thursday Loaders – Thursday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. These volunteers load food into vehicles at the Power Packs Warehouse, 708 E Walnut St, Lancaster.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – works with the distribution manager to coordinate all the volunteers needed to run a successful distribution. Busy times for this position are May, August, and September.
  • Milk Man/Woman – distribute milk packed in coolers to designated schools each week.
  • Milk Packers – Wednesday at 10 AM. Pack the milk into coolers for distribution that week.
  • Freezer Packers – Thursday mornings. Packs the freezer items to be distributed at the schools on Thursday.
  • Inventory Volunteer – Wednesday 9 AM. Assists with the returns each week. Also helps to unload the deliveries from Central PA Food Bank each week. Tracks expiration dates. Updates the inventory spreadsheet as needed. Tracks temperatures for all freezers, refrigerators, and dry storage areas.
  • Distribution Volunteer – Thursday 8:30 AM. Performs recounts of the items on the pallets, ensures all schools have plastic bags. General cleanup and other jobs as needed during distribution day. Assist with loading the cars.
  • Miscellaneous – These opportunities arise randomly throughout the year. Activities include 
    • Assisting with promotional or fundraising events. 
    • Researching recipes appropriate for Power Packs families. 
    • Researching food shopping tips for Power Packs families. 
    • Researching information appropriate for middle school age students participating in our EmpowerPacks program. 
    • Holding protein drives to benefit Power Packs. 
    • Collecting plastic grocery bags and wrapping them in packs of ten for use during distribution. 
    • Assisting with Power Packs distribution during the summer. 
    • Helping to clean and organize the warehouse at the end of the school year.