Stay At Home Gala

The 7th Annual Power Packs Project Stay at Home Gala

Don’t miss our 7th Annual Power Packs Project “Stay at Home Gala” on Saturday, May 27th at whatever time you wish! Feeding hungry children will not require a fancy venue, a caterer, centerpieces, or a band. This Gala can be wherever you choose to gather and celebrate your support for ending food insecurity for children and their families in Central PA.


This event may not be real but the need is. Cocktails will not be served at 6pm. Dinner will not be served 7pm. There will be no program at 8pm. Gala There will be no dancing until midnight.

You will save the cost of …a new dress or tux rental …a baby sitter …a hairdresser and manicurist …parking fees …raffle tickets and the time to pull it all together

Power Packs Project will save the cost of …the venue …the caterer and food …the centerpieces …the entertainment …the party favors

PJ’s or Lounge wear are appropriate attire, as you stay home enabling the good work of Power Packs to change lives. 

Join us for the “Stay at Home Gala” the May 27th at whatever level you are able knowing that your donations is going towards the Power Packs mission and not another party. Your contribution can help in several ways:

  • Adopt a Family $165 will provide one family with weekend meals for the school year
  • Udderly Awesome $250 will purchase fresh milk for 15 families for the school year
  • Healthy Munch & Crunch $350 will buy fresh produce for 100 families for the school year
  • $ _____________ will purchase lots of food for children and families in need


Please make checks payable to “Power Packs Project” or give securely online HERE 



Published:May 30, 2017

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