Partnering with the Lancaster Business Alliance

One of the challenges we, along with many non-profits, face is how to remain true to our mission while still recognizing that families have additional needs. We are mindful of efficiency and our responsibility to donor dollars but still have a desire to provide more holistically for the families enrolled in our program. 
Power Packs continues to grow its services to many families each year by focusing on what we do best, feeding children so they can go to school ready to learn. Rather than creating new programs, which can be costly and often are a duplication of already attainable services, we partner with other non profits to provide information and literature in our packs so that families can become aware of what, in addition to Power Packs, is available to them. 
In Lancaster, we are fortunate to be surrounded by many small non profits which provides a unique opportunity for camaraderie. Power Packs Project embraces this fellowship by partnering with other non-profit organizations including, recently, the Lancaster Business Alliance. This past year the Lancaster Business Alliance helped brighten up the days of a deserving Power Packs Families by gifting a full backpack of school supplies to a student who was not eligible for the Representative Sturla’s Annual Back to School Giveaway. Another family was given free passes to Dutch Wonderland in addition to having their car inspected and repaired, a project that would have cost them $400. To a family in need of furniture, the Business Alliance donated a kitchen table, chairs, a queen size bed, and bunk beds for the children. 
But it’s not stopping there! During the holiday season, the Business Alliance will be blessing two families with a surprise limousine ride to the National Christmas Museum. While exploring the museum, Santa will deliver gifts for the children to enjoy on the ride home. Next year, there are also plenty of similarly sweet surprises awaiting our Power Packs Families, including Easter baskets for three of them in April!  
The Lancaster Business Alliance has demonstrated kindness and whimsy in order to help sweeten the lives of families who are food insecure and for that, we at Power Packs Project are incredibly grateful to have them as partners.  

Published:December 19, 2017

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