Power Packs Parent Survey Results 2017

  1. Do you cook the food using the recipes provided? 86% yes
  2. Do you have any difficulty following the recipes? 88% no
  3. Do you save and use the recipes again? 84% yes
  4. Do you try to follow the “tips” provided? 94% yes
  5. Does your family generally like the food provided? 97% yes
  6. Has Power Packs improved your family’s life? 90% yes



“Being a single mother who only works part-time I was so thankful to know the Power Packs program was there to help families like mine who couldn’t afford groceries. What I didn’t expect was to be thankful that this program brought my son and me closer than ever!

My son is the world’s pickiest eater and it was always a struggle getting him to try new foods. This program was a God-send! When I brought the bag home we would match the items on the recipe to what was in the bag to make sure we had all we needed. We would then make a “date night”. On a particular evening for our “date” my son would read the recipe and set out all the ingredients on the counter then together we would “create” our recipe. Sometimes we followed exactly what was written and sometimes we would experiment. After we completed the recipe and it was “tasting time” we shut off the television and lit some candles. Our rule was we each had to take two (2) bites before we made a decision of “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Our “thumbs up” recipes went into a folder so we could make it again.

We shared so much during “date night” and I was amazed at how much he opened up to me. I feel I really got to know who my son is and who he wants to grow up to be. I feel the Power Packs Program gave us the opportunity to bond in a deeper way and share things together while creating amazing food. This is definitely a tradition we will keep in our family for years to come (or until he feels it’s not cool to “date” his Mom anymore…LOLOL). I can’t thank you enough for offering this program!”


“Our life is healthier and I have the recipes in a folder to use again. It has given me ideas on low-cost meals”

“Because it saves me time so that we can spend more time together. My child enjoys reading and helping with the recipes. And she liked the food she never tried before”.


“My family has improved in school and has improved doing homework. Power Packs helped my family save money on groceries and helps us eat on the weekends”

School District Of Lancaster Mom

“We are not your stereotypical food pantry family. My husband was laid off and I was recovering from an illness. Power Packs Project provided us with meals for our family during a very difficult time. I have learned how to get more food with less money and because I make my own meals, I felt that I was not just getting a free handout but rather was a student in better living. My children have learned how to save and cook wisely as well. I didn’t have to worry that they would not have nutritious meals on the weekends. Thank you!”