405,836 Meals!

As of Thursday, April 12th, Power Packs Project Warehouse Lancaster distributed 405,836 meals this school year. We could never have reached a milestone like this without the strong leadership of the Power Packs Distribution Team David Northup, and Joyce Leahy Stephens, supported by our hard-working office staff. 
It is fitting that this is #NationalVolunteerWeek because we would never reach a goal like this without the help of our army of Power Packs Project volunteers who make sure the food reaches our schools, our children, and their families each week. 
We are posting this number to illustrate just how your donations and support are working in the community. It means that we are reaching as many food insecure families as possible with your help, and we are grateful every moment for each one of you! Remember that hungry children can’t learn.

Donate at: http://powerpacksproject.org/donate/



Published:April 16, 2018

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